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The Influence Of Indoor Space On Furniture
- May 08, 2017 -

Furniture has a specific use environment. The size of the indoor space, the shape of the space and the proportion of the elements of the space are the objective external factors affecting the furniture design. Even the same category of furniture, due to the indoor and empty environment will have different effects. Therefore, what kind of space, what kind of furniture, will be derived from what kind of furniture. Common indoor space is cuboid, because of the space is long, wide, high proportion of different shapes have a variety of changes. General space can use large scale or modelling rich furniture, to adapt to the spacious and tall space, give people a sense of poise; the furniture scales in small spaces should be relatively small, using low furniture, to enlarge the sense of space, give people a comfortable, cordial feeling. For some special-shaped space, it should make furniture conform to the concave and convex changes of space, forming a unique style.