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The Development Foreground Of China's Furniture Industry
- May 08, 2017 -

The party's 16 major proposes that our country should concentrate its strength and build a higher level of well-off society in the first 20 years of this century. The goal of building a well-off society in a comprehensive way will promote the social needs of all sectors, and thus provide opportunities for the furniture industry to develop further.

With the advent of the new century, China has joined the WTO. China's accession to the WTO brings a rare opportunity for economic development and provides an excellent opportunity for our country to achieve economic docking with the world. China's sustained and stable economic development, capital construction into a vigorous period of upward, unprecedented expansion of domestic demand, also for the furniture industry to bring new opportunities. At the same time, accession to the WTO will attract a large number of overseas capital inflows, for many small and medium-sized furniture enterprises to bring joint ventures, cooperation opportunities, with external forces to enhance the marketing planning, quality management, product packaging and enterprise production standardized management level.

In addition, China's treatment of developing countries to join WTO will promote the development of traditional textile building materials industry, which will further reduce the cost of raw materials procurement, thereby reducing the cost of furniture production, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise market. After joining WTO, because of the reduction of furniture tariff, it will promote the growth of furniture import and export, and provide furniture export opportunities. Joining the World Trade Organization will promote the establishment of the information database, the development of new products, the protection of intellectual property, the application of hi-tech and the application of new materials. After joining WTO 2002, the Chinese furniture industry has had a favorable impact. The continued growth of furniture exports is a good illustration.

China has become the world's furniture production power, but also an important furniture consumer power. China has 1.3 billion people, a huge potential consumer market has been the attention of the world. At present, China's per capita furniture consumption level is still low, according to 1998 statistics, China per capita consumption of furniture for only 5.48 billion dollars, while Germany and Italy per capita in the year more than 300 dollars. With the continuous improvement of our people's living standards, furniture consumption will definitely improve, China's per capita furniture consumption level if reached in Thailand, the Philippines and other medium-development countries consumption level, that is, in the annual per capita 20 billion dollars, their total consumption is more than 200 billion yuan. Therefore, the furniture industry can be expected to increase the output of the furniture has great potential.

Entering the 21st century, our government proposed speeding up urbanization and small urbanization construction. The party's 16 major proposed that the full prosperity of rural economy, accelerate the process of urbanization, in order to further stimulate the consumer market, expand the consumption area. This initiative of the State will further promote the construction of housing in our country, thus making the industry related to housing development. According to the needs of the society and Development, the State Council has put forward the housing industrialization, which will lead to the standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of kinds of products. As a result of the development of housing industrialization, residential as a commodity into the market, for all types of furniture and ancillary products to provide development space.