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Summer Hotel Furniture Maintenance, Need For ‘timber’ And Different
- May 08, 2017 -

Summer high temperature, humidity, furniture maintenance has a lot of attention, should be based on material, because of "timber" and different. Whether it is solid wood furniture, panel furniture, soft furniture or leather sofa, should avoid sunshine exposure, can be used translucent curtains to shelter the sunlight, not affect indoor lighting, but also protect the furniture. Furniture should also be kept away from heat sources or air conditioners to avoid premature ageing of the furniture.

Panel Furniture: Attention to waterproof and ventilation plate furniture refers to the main substrate for the basic structure of the panels to dismantle modular furniture. The style of panel furniture is varied, and many young consumers are attracted by their fashionable appearance. Plate furniture Although beautiful fashion, but also has shortcomings, especially maintenance is not easy to problem.
Plate furniture by the integrated plate and PVC edge combination, if the family has an arc, the cohesion is unstable, easy to make the plates damp suction water, resulting in deformation, eventually swelling, damage. In order to isolate the effect of air and humidity, the plate in the process of production need to seal processing, some of the technology is not very mature manufacturers, it is difficult to achieve the accuracy of due to the occurrence of lax closure.
In summer, consumers should pay attention to the first plate of waterproof furniture, if necessary in the easy to absorb water under the furniture legs to install waterproof pad; Secondly, to pay attention to ventilation, close to the wall and toilet walls to keep a good spacing, easy ventilation; In addition, when scrubbing, the towel will be screwed.

Leather Furniture: Keep the dry surface of the high temperature in summer, the human body sweat organic compounds will react with leather, resulting in odor. Summer Cortex furniture unusual smell is very common, the solution is also very simple, as long as often with dry cloth wipe leather, and maintain ventilation can. Industry insiders suggest that when wiping leather furniture, do not use soap water, detergent, these products may damage leather. After cleaning the leather, should be wiped out the special maintenance of leathers oil. If not properly maintained, cortical furniture may fade or lose luster or even deform.

Solid wood furniture: Attention humidity should use soft cloth dust "real, home feeling." With the change of the concept of life, people's demand for solid wood furniture has begun to rise from the focus on appearance to the focus on the material level. Pure natural material, give a person a clean, refreshing sense of comfort, much consumer welcome. However, due to high temperature and humidity in summer, improper maintenance will affect the life of solid wood furniture. Clean maintenance of solid wood furniture, avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents; In addition, solid wood furniture to keep away from the heat, avoid direct sunlight.