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Standard Stature Of Furniture Do You Know?
- May 08, 2017 -

The bedroom North south is 3.7 meters long, the thing is 3.5 meters long, should be put 1.5 meters wide the bed or 1.8 meters of bed? Don't think space enough to see your needs can choose the bed. The designer will immediately tell you that the 1.5-meter bed is more appropriate.

Every piece of furniture has a standard figure

1. Wardrobe
The depth of the wardrobe is generally 600 mm, and the installation of the door is slightly wider, leaving the space for the installation orbit. This size is based on the width of the shoulders of the person, the average person's shoulder width will not exceed 600 mm. Put the wardrobe depth in 600 mm to ensure that the vertical side hanging clothes will not encounter the wardrobe door, if the family shoulder generally narrower can also consider the choice of 550 mm depth of wardrobe, less than 500 mm depth of wardrobe will not hang clothes.

2. Cabinet
Cabinet depth between 550 mm to 600 mm, cabinet depth of 300 mm to 350 mm, the distance between the cabinet for 800 mm, the height of the cabinet in 850 mm ...
Because the average housewife is in height between 150 cm-165 cm, these sizes are summed up according to their physical conditions and can be guaranteed to be more convenient for them to use cabinets. He said the brand cabinet sales staff will take the initiative to help consumers adjust the size of cabinets, if the consumer please do the carpentry site cabinets, it is necessary to remember the data.

3. Shoe Cabinet
In addition, shoe cabinets, sofas, chairs and other furniture also have their own "standard stature." Shoe Cabinet depth to ensure that there are 300 mm (space can be considered to make oblique clapboard shoe cabinet), the general shoe cabinet size is not more than 800mm, width is based on the use of the spatial width of reasonable division; The depth is the maximum size of the home shoe length, usually in the 300~400mm between.
Many people buy shoes, do not like to throw the shoe box, directly into the shoe cabinet. So, the shoe cabinet depth size in 380~400mm depth, in design planning and custom shoe cabinet, must first measure the size of the shoe box as the shoe cabinet depth basis. How to also want to put other items in the shoe cabinet, such as vacuum cleaners, flies, etc., the depth must be above 400mm to use.

4. Sofa
Sofa Size: Single sofa, seat front width cannot be less than 480mm. The seat is too large, the calf cannot naturally droop, the leg belly will be oppressed, and too shallow will feel sitting. The height of the seat should be 360 to 420mm.

5. Dining Tables and Chairs
Table Class Four specifications are 760mm, 740mm, 720mm, 700mm, stool furniture Set the height of three standards: 400mm, 420mm, 440mm; the height of tables and chairs should be controlled in the range of 280 to 320mm when the tables and chairs are used.

6. Bookcase
Also, the bookcase should not be less than 297mm, the width of not less than 210mm.

Because the furniture is based on the user's stature to determine the "standard stature", American, continental furniture is more than the size of Chinese furniture. For example, Chinese dining table generally height in 700-800 mm, the west table height is at least 760 mm above, dining chair height also increases.
Decoration also has a safe distance not only the furniture has a standard stature, hard decoration also has a lot of users to make the more comfortable, safe distance. Before the commencement of the owners to look for decorative works of the construction specifications, from the laying of water and electricity pipes to start the best concept of size.
Many friends are afraid to see the size of the home decoration error is the power outlet height and landing window guardrail problem. Socket distance from the ground too low, if not safe plug, adults and children to play when there is a risk of electric shock; protection of guardrail is much less.
In order to protect children, stair guardrail, floor-to-ceiling window railing of the vertical spacing not greater than 11 cm, height not less than 1.05 meters, spacing too wide, railings too low children may climb out.