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Small First Aid In The Damage Of Solid Wood Furniture
- May 08, 2017 -

Solid wood furniture used for a long time, inevitably will appear various kinds of damage. In the face of these injuries, sadly sad is useless, and effective method is to use appropriate methods to repair damage, minimizing damage. Here is a look at common wood furniture damage treatment methods.

1, solid wood furniture scald treatment
When the wood furniture is not careful to prevent the very hot things, easy to leave the hot marks. At this time, a piece of dry, ultra-fine furniture coated special steel velvet pad in the iron mark, straight down the direction of wood, you can also use salad oil or mayonnaise in hot marks, soft Bushun wood grain gently wipe, and then change a piece of clean soft cloth to wipe it, finally glazing.

2, solid wood furniture burns treatment
Cigarette butts or not extinguished matches in the furniture lacquer noodles left coke mark, if the lacquer surface burns, can be in match rod or toothpick wrapped a layer of fine grain hard cloth, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a thin layer of wax, Coke mark can be diluted.

3, solid wood furniture water mark treatment
The furniture is dripping after not wiped out in time, dry will leave traces of water, can use a slightly thicker wet cloth cover in the water traces, with heated iron light pressure, water traces can be eliminated.

4, solid wood furniture scratch processing
If the furniture lacquer surface scratch, not touched the lacquer wood, can be used with the same furniture color crayon or pigment in the furniture wound smear, to cover the exposed background, and then use a transparent nail polish coated with a thin layer of.

5, solid wood furniture moldy processing
If you encounter the situation of solid wood furniture moldy, can first use a clean soft cloth dip neutral detergent or furniture special cleaning agent clearance. Then gently wipe out the moldy part of a layer of furniture wax or special essential oils, and in a musty place to put a block of soap or filled with dried tea residue gauze bags, help to eliminate mildew flavor