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Hotel Furniture Industry Design Innovation Development Motive Force
- May 08, 2017 -

In recent years, the furniture industry "homogeneity" problem intensified, product design plagiarism craze is also prevalent, which severely hindered the normal development of the furniture industry. As a result, more and more enterprises are beginning to think about the problem of "innovation", and innovation has become the hot word that the furniture industry is scrambling to discuss.

But how can we truly innovate? It's not spoken verbally. The rapid development of society, making people's material and cultural living standards improve year by day, people's requirements for furniture products are constantly changing, personalized demand more and more obvious. Insiders believe that the future must be personalized market. Furniture industry needs to change from quantity to quality, design innovation is not only satisfying the demand of the market, it is a kind of expression of brand characteristic and individuality, but also the important ability of enterprise to survive. In the present furniture industry, micro-innovation has become a more preferred development model. But on this road, because some enterprises do not understand the real meaning of micro-innovation, leading to micro-innovation into "no innovation". In the furniture industry is the most obvious homogeneity of products more and more, furniture product design is generally stereotyped.