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Hotel Furniture Considerations In The Production Process
- May 08, 2017 -

Hotel Furniture in the process of production considerations: 1. Appearance quality The appearance of quality first requires furniture mesa flatness, fine workmanship, exquisite decoration, texture clear and beautiful. Room furniture usually uses particleboard, MDF, joinery board, laminate and other several as substrates, using thin wood, wooden veneer, three plywood as a covering material. The material properties of different substrates and cladding materials are not identical, and the characteristics of the material and the correct method of use are not noticed, and often cause the warpage of the plates. 2. Structural strength, hotel furniture in the production process of considerations, this is the 2nd Room furniture is a fixed furniture, the general structure of the main plate, select wooden screws, hardware connectors and adhesives as a joint way. In the use of materials should pay attention to different characteristics of materials, such as particleboard, the MDF grip is poor, avoid use in the need for frequent activities or a strong grip of the position, such as the door hinge screw site, the bottom rail screw parts, easy to loose and produce sound. Bed screen, frame wall hardware hanging parts should be special attention or use wood instead of reinforcement, the current popular wood 45 degrees hang upside down structure. 3. Material Cost Also meet the use of the requirements of the use of low-cost materials, in the use of bulk materials at the same time to pay attention to the use of small pieces of the same material, improve the utilization of the plate. Room furniture is a large number of general, as far as possible use of computer reasonable nesting, bulk materials and small pieces of comprehensive utilization, reduce material costs. The different structure, should pay attention to the material cost comparison. 4. Efficient production Hotel Furniture The same material cost, the kind of material easy to process, that process can save the process cost to improve efficiency, especially in the vertical milling, router milling, carving process, that material is easy to cut processing, easy to smooth and tidy. 5. Transport Installation The hotel floors are generally higher, requiring the furniture to be lightweight and easy to transport. In particular, some conjoined bed backs, some long writing desks, elevators cannot be transported, the freight elevator generally installed in furniture has been dismantled, how to safely transport, from the weight and structure of material needs special consideration. 6. Safety Performance The General hotel does not have the clear formaldehyde free quantity stipulation, but has the furniture fireproof request in the hotel permitted circumstance certain parts can use the fireproof board, the anti-scald paint, the flame retardant fabrics and so on. High-grade hotels even require the production of furniture wood after fire treatment. These factors in the practical application of the need to consider cross-use, the hotel furniture function requirements Modelling details and the hotel furniture company reasonable material structure and workshop process arrangements have an interactive relationship, recommended as far as possible to make the room furniture not only meet the hotel requirements, but also efficient production, reduce costs, the use of specialized processing technology, processing equipment, so that the production of furniture in line with high-end hotel-oriented comfort requirements.