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Customized Hotel Solid Furniture Development Trend Irreversible
- May 08, 2017 -

Nowadays, consumer demand for personalized consumption has prompted the arrival of the era of customization. "Customization" is a business revolution, it is not just a simple service upgrade, but the real realization of "My consumption I am the master" a new way of shopping. So, the custom industry is hot: custom diamond rings, customized wedding dresses, customized drinks, customized watches, customized tableware and so on. According to the survey data, more than 80%% of consumers said that at present, the choice of customized home decoration, to meet personalized needs.

So, today, with customized hotel furniture for example, from the following six points to say custom hotel solid furniture and traditional furniture The fundamental difference between it.

1. Production process: Customized hotel Furniture more advanced
On-site to play a wardrobe, is a woodworking field measurement after the use of assembled wooden panels made of wardrobe, wardrobe surface and edge of hand-handled, the cabinet of the connection with the main nail, punch is often inaccurate, time long nails easily loose, appear nail eyes. The most critical cabinets are handled by hand-sealing edges, and the tightness and fineness will be poor.

2. Use function: Custom hotel solid furniture is more superior

The scene of the wardrobe area is divided into simple, simple function, only to meet the easy storage function. And the whole wardrobe using clapboard splicing, each home environment is different, wardrobe style different, more can according to the different needs of individual to design the interior layout of the wardrobe. Whether it is DIY or combination, or combination of scientific and technological elements, fully embodies the style of customized wardrobe diversification.

3. Environmental protection Index: whole wardrobe Board health and environmental protection
Woodworking plays a wardrobe to use the plates difficult to meet environmental standards, coupled with the later paint process, environmental protection coefficient inevitably decreased. And the whole wardrobe adopts solid wood granules, the new type of environmental protection plates WO Fragrant as a custom wardrobe main plate, and by the factory machine unified production, do not need to paint glue, do not need on-site processing grinding, so more environmentally friendly.

4. Sales Price: Custom hotel solid furniture and traditional wardrobe price difference is not big
Wood-making wardrobe pricing is relatively complex, charging generally divided into cabinets (plates), paint, metal, labor costs, and so many materials are the cabinet to do a good temporary to the community near the shop choice. Overall wardrobe due to the cost of design, installation, health and environmental protection materials, people mostly think that the overall wardrobe price is very high, otherwise. Compared with the traditional wardrobe, the overall wardrobe price becomes transparent, compared with the woodworking of the non-environmental wardrobe, just slightly higher. In the long run, the whole wardrobe is more cost-effective.

5. After-sales service: Customized hotel solid furniture supporting services more comprehensive
Carpentry to do its warranty is included in the decoration contract, by the decoration company responsible for after-sale protection is very unstable. and professional wardrobe production enterprises mostly pay attention to their own brand image, with special after-sales service agencies, problems can be given in a timely manner.

6. Production cycle: Customized hotel solid furniture slightly longer
To ensure that the wardrobe and the upper and lower walls fully fit, the whole wardrobe from the door-to-door measurements to the installation, a slightly longer period. Home decoration near the end, generally in the ground treatment after the measurement, but such a customized wardrobe is more beautiful and fitting. And carpentry do wardrobe, by hand-made wooden base, the ground treatment does not affect the construction, the installation of the wardrobe measurement synchronization, do not guarantee the professional wardrobe installation and fitting degree.