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Analysis Of The Future Development Trend Of Chinese Furniture
- May 08, 2017 -

The era of profiteering, the era of meager profit
Chinese furniture, 2000 130 billion yuan of furniture gross output value, exports 3.565 billion of dollars, until 2007 annually to 15%-20% growth rate, export growth rate in 20%-30%, this attractive big market led to the business rush into the furniture industry, China furniture Manufacturing Enterprises 2000 years 20,000, 2003 60,000, 2007 80,000, Beijing furniture, shaoze furniture, Zhejiang furniture, Yue faction furniture, each of the ranks of the leading, Sichuan Chengdu, Zhejiang Anji, Ningbo, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, zhongshan these furniture main production bases, furniture enterprises multiplied annually, furniture store business area also with the development of the market expansion, Beijing from the previous "incredibly home" monologue to the present more than furniture city Chorus; Shenzhen from the Three Kingdoms to seven countries resolendent; before entering the furniture city, product single, manufacturers single, now into the furniture city, product dazzling, a few years ago real estate a Lu Biao rise, furniture also with the way singing, buy a house, A family that buys furniture is more than a cow. Real estate calm down, the amount of furniture demand for the slow growth and production of the cup growth form a strong contrast, let do furniture, furniture, selling people feel embarrassed, raw materials, 10,000 billion products, previously required 8000 yuan material fee, now need 8500 yuan, 500 yuan profit is compressed; artificial costs rise, 10,000 yuan products, 1 days by one people to complete, formerly 40 yuan, is now 60 yuan, 10,000 yuan of profit less than 20 yuan, the rise of management costs resulting in profit shrinking 100 yuan If the export enterprise, the tax rebate of 200 yuan, plus other costs, such calculations from the previous 10% of the profits shrank to 1%-3%, inadvertently losing money.
Refined management replaces extensive management
Furniture Enterprise is the traditional manufacturing industry, the technical requirements are not high, historical origins, so far folk "carpenter" to the economically backward areas still play the role of furniture manufacturing, handmade furniture manufacturing workshop is still scattered in the folk, many furniture enterprises originated from such workshops, gradually expand the scale, add machinery and equipment, so in management is very extensive, this extensive management either has no system, or system stays on paper, the system is unpredictable, lack of specific management methods and means of research, Pertinence, operability and execution is not strong, enterprise organization structure and function positioning cannot reasonably clear, management level more, management inefficient, satisfy on the line, out of the problem to push the committee, the blame each other.
The earliest implementation of meticulous management of furniture enterprises is Taiwan furniture enterprises, and these Taiwanese furniture enterprises in refined management usually preferred method is to import professional ERP system, like Tai Sheng, Cambridge, Billy through the introduction of several F18 furniture ERP, the realization of enterprise refinement management, so that enterprises achieve "zero defect", "punctual production", "Zero inventory" management level. Through the implementation of ERP, solve the problem of industry management: supply chain coordination difficult, weak plan control, slow strain speed, high cost of punctual delivery, costs control and accounting complex, quality traceability lack of means and other fine problems. Since 2000, many Hong Kong, private furniture enterprises also began to learn the fine management of Taiwan, such as Zhongshan Sihai, Shenzhen Wei-ann and other well-known furniture enterprises.
The competition of furniture Enterprises is the competition of detail, the subtle points show kungfu, the precious value of detail lies in creativity, unique and no repetition. Details affect quality, detail embodies the taste, details show differences, details determine success or failure. People are pursuing more and more high, furniture market exquisite management, details can often reflect the professional standards of enterprises, highlighting the intrinsic quality of enterprises, improve the quality of enterprise products.
Shortened Product lifecycle
Modern consumers not only require the choice of product style diversification, with the development of real estate and the rapid upgrading of the quality of modern life, fashionable to bring the European and American style into the Chinese market, Europe's classical, solid wood, plate and glass, rattan style, metal furniture rich and colorful. Rich furniture products greatly stimulate consumer choice desire, fashion changes led to the mentality of consumers change, people began to pay more attention to the popularity of furniture, furniture consumption cycle is quietly shortened, homogenization of products caused by fierce competition, a chair conquer, a table conquer the era has slipped into the long river of history, product replacement faster, product life cycle shortening, to the furniture enterprises bring a lot of challenges, not only the circulation end need to minimize inventory products, Production site also to achieve a small number of varieties of production. Coupled with the special old of the new e-age group, this feature will also make the life cycle of furniture products shorter. The cultural content of furniture has gradually increased, and the Chinese consumption outlook is changing. At the same time the pace of change in demand is surprising.
Furniture business pluralism coexist, brand monopoly superiority
The distribution of the furniture from the basement of the department store and the top of the supporting role, development into the Furniture City specialization exhibition field lead, in the marketing mode, Variety: Self-employed, franchise stores, network direct sales, channels, and so on, according to product characteristics, business model can be different, many furniture and real estate bundled sales, network sales low cost, if can establish a good reputation and service quality, can attract after 80, 90 's consumer groups. Furniture industry has undergone a few decades, furniture businessmen have experienced the transformation from the role of merchandise to brand promoter, furniture franchise market, the development of flying speed to create a well-known Chinese furniture industry brands, furniture manufacturers have to carry out image management, for shaping the product and brand image of the stage, product promotion into brand promotion, brand independent shops, brand shop, furniture franchise Market all the leading.

Tertiary the focus of marketing in the future

Furniture domestic tertiary market is the main reason for the future three: first, the primary market atrophy. According to the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association to 50 export enterprises and 10-line stores of survey data show that our comprehensive manufacturing costs increased by 30%, but the export price increase only 8%, the first-line market product increase rate only compared to last year in the same period of 2.6%, the rise of raw materials greater than the range of furniture products. Second, rural urbanization. Building a new socialist countryside, so that rural urbanization, the development of the tertiary market, China's 1.3 billion people, 800 million in rural areas, per capita consumption of 100 yuan in furniture, is to increase the market, the 10 billion, China is a large agricultural country, should be the past, the majority of our country living in the countryside, but many households mainly income is not from agriculture, but other industries, or work in the field, in the living environment, not to place many agricultural utensils, soil, wool house, Brick masonry structure is gradually eliminated, reinforced concrete structure of the building is now the main living environment in the countryside, in the furniture demand is very large. Third, the export of furniture decreased, transferred to do domestic sales. As of September 30, 2008 and 2007 the same period of export orders, decreased by 40%, in fact, is not a weak market, but by the subprime crisis impression, Western sellers of confidence is hit, and this information will take 3-5 years or more.