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Analysis Of China's Domestic Hotel Furniture Industry Market
- May 08, 2017 -

With the advent of the brand era, the furniture market is constantly pioneering and innovative, hotel furniture has developed into a fashion, attracting the public's eyes.
In recent years, the gross output value of the National hotel supplies has been increasing, gradually occupying the first place of GDP, and China's Hotel furniture market has been expanding, by 2014, its market size has exceeded 800 billion. From the hotel furniture into the Chinese market for more than 20 years, it has grown into the fifth major industry, and far exceeds the home appliance industry, the growth rate is also very rapid. As a rising star, hotel furniture in the development of the market also constantly meet demand.
In the whole domestic market, its development prospects are also very broad, especially in the party's 18 strong support, energy-saving emission reduction and green China concept, the government in the continuous urbanization infrastructure construction process, also for the domestic hotel furniture industry provides a good opportunity. At present, the new market segments of government procurement provide new opportunities for the development of hotel furniture. From another aspect, the steady development of urbanization is also constantly pulling domestic consumption level, so that the furniture industry and hotel supplies industry market share also expanded, I believe in the next few years, hotel furniture will take greater development.