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White lacquer Furniture turn yellow how to do
- May 08, 2017 -

White is one of the classic colors and is also very simple. Many furniture, will use white design furniture. Highlight a simple but not yet elegant feature. But the white lacquer furniture is very easy to turn yellow, if the maintenance improper, more than the other furniture more easily old, affect its beautiful, this is a very troublesome problem. So how to deal with white lacquer furniture yellow?

1. Clean wax wipe with a small sponge dipped in a furniture containing soft abrasive ingredients. Wipe once every month, can keep white lacquer furniture Chang Liang often new.

2, can use soft cloth to stick toothpaste to wipe test, rub several times after, look at the effect how, can use toothpaste to do also can.

3. Do not put the boiling water cups and other directly on the lacquer surface, as far as possible to isolate the hot utensils of tea pad;

4. If there is water or drinks sprinkled on the surface, should be immediately dried cotton cloth;

5. Wipe dust with mild detergent and soft cloth, wipe clean residual detergent with water, and then dry with dry cloth;

6. Avoid using solvents such as alcohol and gasoline to wipe stains, in case of damaging the color and luster of the film;

7. If the emergence of a long-yellowing, can be used in spinning cotton dipped toothpaste gently wipe, and then use a clean wet cloth to wipe the remnants of toothpaste, and finally dry cloth, paint surface can be restored as new;

8. If there is a scratch, can buy the building materials shop to spray paint cans, first with gypsum powder to repair the wound, to dry after the same color can spray white.

Mastered the above white lacquer furniture maintenance skills, and in daily life more attention, can easily prolong the life of furniture, so that your indoor decoration always keep bright colors.

In short, white lacquer furniture maintenance is very troublesome, in our daily life, also to avoid direct sunlight, leading to white paint furniture yellowing.

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