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Ten Essentials of hardwood furniture maintenance
- May 08, 2017 -

Hardwood furniture including Huanghua pear, rosewood, mahogany, chicken wings, rosewood, etc., if the use of reasonable protection, in principle can be passed over the long-term use, maintenance methods are:

One, now hardwood furniture has two kinds, the traditional hardwood furniture generally surface has no lacquer layer, just hot wax. Now the newly manufactured hardwood furniture surfaces have lacquer or varnish protection. There are differences in the maintenance methods of hardwood furniture handled by different treatments.

2. Hardwood furniture will shrink when the air humidity is too low, and it expands when it is too high. General Hardwood furniture production of the rise and shrink layer, but use should be noticed when placing, do not put in too damp or too dry place, such as near the stove heating, high temperature and heat, or too humid basement and other places, lest produce mildew and chapped.

Third, if the cottage is lower in the house, the ground moisture must be properly blocked furniture legs, otherwise the legs susceptible to moisture corrosion.

Fourth, handling or moving furniture should be lightly moved to light, not hard pull hard, lest damage tenon and structure. Table and Chair class can not lift, easy to fall off, should be from the table two help and chair, the cabinet is best to remove the door to lift, can reduce weight, but also avoid closet door activities. If you need to move specially heavy furniture, you can use the soft rope sleeve into the furniture chassis to lift and move.

Fifth, the furniture surface to avoid long-term placing too heavy items, especially television, aquarium, etc., will make furniture distortion. The desktop is not suitable for plastic sheeting, such as breathable materials.

6, the room is uneven floor, long time will lead to furniture distortion, avoiding the way is to use small wooden pad flat.

7, absolutely no wet rags or rough wipes wipe hardwood furniture, especially old furniture. With a clean and weak cotton cloth, after a period of time add a little furniture wax or walnut oil, along the wooden lines and gently wipe.

8, the furniture surface should be avoided with hard friction, lest damage paint surface and wood texture, such as porcelain ware decorative items to be particularly cautious, preferably pad a soft cloth.

Nine, to avoid the furniture in the south facing the big glass, the sunshine of direct exposure will make furniture too dry, will fade.

Ten, hot water cups and so on can not be directly placed on the surface of the furniture, will leave the traces of not easy to remove. have color liquids, such as ink, to absolutely avoid spreading on the desktop.