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Teach you how to choose and match cloth sofas
- May 08, 2017 -

Cloth sofa refers to the main ingredients are cloth sofa, cloth sofa with its fashion, economy, use and other characteristics of popular people's favorite, the choice of modern young people home, is also the furniture used to be one of the most common. Of course, the sofa is good and bad, how can we in many fabric sofa to buy a quality cloth sofa?

One, cloth sofa collocation knowledge

Color collocation
If it is spacious and bright, the large living room with better daylighting, suitable for the bright color of red, green, squares and other cloth sofa; if the living room metope is used in color paint or wallpaper, the sofa with plain fabrics will be more elegant; and darker color monochrome sofa, striped sofa, the most can create a classical atmosphere.

Space collocation
American and European-style rural fabric sofas often use floral or lattice cloth, to create a natural, warm breath; Spanish classical style commonly used brocade and silk satin weave material, temperament luxurious; Italian style is concise and generous, commonly used very bright or extremely cold tone monochrome cloth, unique personality. No matter what kind of decoration style home, you can find the right fabric sofa style to match.

Second, how to buy cloth sofa

Pay attention to fabrics and chromatic aberration
Living room sofa, fabric to texture thick velvet or cloth sofa for better, in color should pay attention to the interior decoration style coordination. The sofa in the bedroom, in addition to the overall interior decoration style coordination, should choose a warm, romantic, quiet color; the choice of fabrics to feel comfortable knitting nylon, plush fabrics for the best, thus appear enthusiastic, elegant, to give people a comfortable feeling.

Look at size: first sofa size should conform to ergonomic requirements to fit the human physiological structure of the surface for good; Secondly, considering the size of space and the placement of furniture, so as to avoid purchasing the size of the sofa. Consider the sofa color and style: the choice of sofa must consider the overall decoration style of home, otherwise appear uncoordinated.

See Timber: Timber to smooth, no bark, breakage, worm borers, erosion and other conditions, and require horizontal vertical, no circular bending. See the fabric sofa frame structure is firmly: when purchasing can use the hand to push the sofa, if feeling shake or emit sound, then the structure is not firm.

See the sofa details are perfect: such as cloth sofa surface will pilling, sponge whether elastic, cloth pattern stitching is consistent, sewing pin is evenly straight and tight and so on. In fact, it is precisely these details reflect the sofa manufacturer's quality management awareness and level, so it is especially important to arouse attention. Look at the fabric: good sofa should be natural environmental protection without peculiar smell. If the sofa has a pungent odor, it is definitely used in inferior cloth.