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- May 08, 2017 -

With a valuable leather hotel sofa, how to care for it? How to keep it long as new and prolong its lifespan?

For the newly purchased leather hotel sofa, first wash the wet towel with water, twist dry after wiping the surface of the sofa dust and dirt, avoid water wash or use gasoline wipe. Then use the nursing agent lightly wipe the sofa surface one to two times, in the dermis surface form a layer protective film, make the dirt not easy to penetrate the dermis pores. Can be scrubbed with fresh milk in the above, can improve luster.

To avoid a sharp weapon scratch leather. If the use of improper surface of the leather cause small cracks, grinding flowers, can be used to polish the ink, the color of the skin can be used with the water color pigments, repeated smear, to dry after wiping the leather polish or Vaseline; If the rift is relatively large, then use the glue and other high-quality adhesive evenly coated on both sides of the cut, to 8-10 minutes, pull tight break, align to glue, and finally use eraser to residue at the tear at the traces of the glue.

To avoid grease stains, ballpoint pens, ink and other dirty sofa. If found on the sofa stains, should be immediately cleaned with leather detergent. If there is no leather cleaner, use a clean white towel dipped a little alcohol light stains, then dry a little wet towel wipe, and finally with protective agent care.

To avoid direct sunlight sofa, such as the living room often sunshine, may be a few times to adjust the location of the sofa to prevent the chromatic aberration obviously; if the humidity is larger, you can use the weak sunlight in the morning 8 to 10 points for seven days, 1 hours per day, about 3 months.

In order to prolong the service life, avoid the children on the sofa jumping play, the body of sweat can not directly contact with the sofa. Leather hotel sofa Long sitting should often tap the seat area and the edge, restoring the status quo, reduce the sitting force concentration and the emergence of mechanical fatigue slight sag phenomenon.

Do the daily basic care. Every week with water and soft cloth lightly wipe, the stain can be used with a soft cloth coated with toothpaste lightly wipe. About 2-3-6 months with leather cleaner on the sofa, or use a home vacuum cleaner to absorb the sofa surface dust.

Scrub leather leather hotel sofa Cleaning way can not use the above cleaning methods (except the leather oil stains), can be used fine copper brush brush gently, restore its beautiful.