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How does spring and summer hotel room furniture moisture?
- May 08, 2017 -

Why do the Big five-star furniture use more than 10 years of lasting new? Why did your furniture use only one or two years like more than 10 years? In fact, the new furniture is relying on the raise! Spring and summer rainy season to damp, autumn winter stems from dry heating more, to prevent drying cracking, and to the daily open eyes will hear the rain ticking of the rainy season, the arrival of spring is mixed, in such humid weather, the hotel room furniture in virtually will suffer a lot of harm.
Because the hotel room furniture material, damp performance, processing and maintenance methods are different, than truthfully wooden furniture, cloth furniture, leather furniture, etc. have different processing methods.

hotel room furniture Solid wood furniture: Walnut oil Wet insulation
Maintenance method: Solid wood hotel room furniture does not appear condensate or mildew point in the case, can be placed inside the furniture desiccant a kind of moistureproof bag to do the suction processing. The exterior with dry towel wipe clean, wipe a layer of walnut oil wet.
Damp treatment: solid wood hotel room furniture after damp, if the situation is not serious, should be timely ventilation shade; If the occurrence of condensate or mildew, with water-absorbent paper posted in the room furniture surface moisture-proof, with a mild detergent to remove mildew point, and then dehumidification. In the easy-to-suck hotel room furniture legs under the waterproof pad, close to the wall and toilet wall to keep the ventilation distance.

hotel room furniture Panel furniture: Moisture Cushion
Plate hotel room Furniture If the edge is not handled well, easy expansion deformation, plate furniture must pay attention to the sealing edge treatment, so that it can damp.
Maintenance method: Keep the hotel room furniture seam clean, lest the dust impurity moisture swelling, cause cracking. In the seams such as easy to absorb the part of the water to do a good closure measures.
Damp treatment: Low floor tenants, should plate hotel room furniture under the place moisture pad. After damp, timely discharge moisture-proof packet moisture.

Leather furniture of the hotel room: smudge and maintenance oil
Maintenance methods: Wet weather before the arrival, should first use a soft wet cloth dust, and then wipe a layer of mink oil, sheep oil, leather oil, such as the surface of the special protective oil furniture, not only can play a damp-proof role, but also protects the color of leather furniture.
Damp treatment: If the surface of the cortex furniture, mildew point, need to remove mildew agent, and then coated leather maintenance oil.

hotel room Furniture fabric furniture: Skillfully with a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner
Maintenance method: Fabric Easy attachment dust, usually should do a good job of dust, lest damp weather mildew.
Damp treatment: If cloth sofa damp, usable absorbent sofa towel, art sofa to use a special vacuum cleaner the surface of the dust absorption, preferably with absorbent good sofa towel, and often wash.

Many people like the hotel room furniture cloth sofa fashion style changeable, but cleaning and maintenance has become a lot of people's troubles. The market has some antifouling patented technology, vinegar, wine, oil, juice, soy sauce on the antifouling products, are beads of water, no infiltration, the effect is very good, solve the fabric hotel room furniture Easy pollution, cleaning difficult, cleaning easy to cause cloth velvet old problems.