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Hotel Furniture Purchasing Knowledge
- May 08, 2017 -

The hotel furniture Market is a variety of days, this makes hotel owners in the choice of hotel furniture is also a effort. So what do we need to pay attention to when purchasing hotel furniture? Here are some tips on purchasing hotel furniture.
1, waterproof and moisture-proof: In the hotel and apartment rooms, often because of water and moisture intrusion to the formation of furniture damage. The dumping of tea bathroom moisture and sauna bath water vapor diffuse, bath wet towel contact, seasonal climate change and so on humidity, will cause furniture edge exposure, peeling, plate deformation swelling, face cracks, foaming, mildew and other problems, so buy furniture should focus on its waterproof and moisture-proof function.
2, fire, high temperature: lit cigarette, matches and so on the furniture surface damage, serious and even cause fire, furniture fire retardant performance can not be ignored.
3, wear-resistant: room routine appliances, such as telephone, ashtray, teacup, lamp, flowerpot, portable computer, luggage box, electric water, etc., in the daily use of the furniture can be rubbed with the surface to cause scratches, affecting the effective life of furniture. The abrasion resistance of furniture plates is one of the important factors to determine the effective life of furniture.
4, environmental protection: furniture materials, such as particleboard, fibreboard, glue, paint, etc., will release harmful gases to the human body. The hotel and apartment rooms are relatively airtight, stimulating eye-nose gas will directly affect the occupancy rate of the room, furniture environmental protection has become the modern guests choose to stay in the hotel conditions important factors.
5, styles, styles and design: Furniture style and style should be in harmony with the decoration, to avoid the simple decoration of luxurious furniture, or luxurious decoration supporting low-grade furniture. Furniture choice, should consider the hotel and apartment location, customer base, room pricing and investment restrictions, should be the customer's preferences and consumption concept as the center, to the reasonable design of furniture and product style to compensate for the shortcomings of the building and decoration, upgrading the hotel's grades and features.
6, an investment and hedge time: to ensure that the furniture is not due to aging and damage to the impact of guest occupancy rate, the choice of furniture in addition to consider an investment cost, at the same time should consider a decoration business process of the repeated accumulation of furniture investment, should choose not to need repeated investment can also long-term maintain good appearance quality, high performance price high-priced products, while the furniture company to give the warranty time should also be considered.