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Hotel furniture manufacturers to choose the furniture to follow the points
- May 08, 2017 -

1, pay attention to the hotel furniture frame structure has tenon groove, whether to use glue tightly bonded. Pay special attention to the non-breaking tenon, broken material phenomenon for concealed drawer inside, but also check drawer structure has no tenon slot, in the tenon groove whether the glue, drawer help and plugging the head is useful nail connection phenomenon, buy sofa from the bottom of the sofa to observe, if the frame only with nail structure, not open mortise, do not glue, time a long, will loose deformation.

2, leather texture sofa leather face no suitable hand feeling, or thin soft and cool, or thick dry hard, gloss is not high: leather sofa delicate and flexible, good hand performance, look at the direction of the skin, high gloss. Buy solid wood furniture, can not only look at the surface of wood grain, to be careful with veneer furniture, as long as you observe and meticulous, from the fitting corners or the back of the shading edge and direction on the contrast, you can find traces of veneer.

3. Fine workmanship is the key factor to distinguish the hotel furniture. For example, purchase sofa mattress, first observe the appearance quality is pleasant; second, inspect the tooth line straight bend degree of the outer Bao Bu, whether there is a jumper phenomenon; again, look at the cover of the lining, not used old cloth and dirty leather.

4, distinguish Jerry. For example, some hotel furniture used in MDF, particleboard do load-bearing components. Some hotel furniture, mirror behind without baffle and layering fixed, only with nails to do the pin, very strong.

5, through the handle, check the hotel furniture inside the wood drying degree. To distinguish the moisture content of wood. The timber is not dry treatment, high water content, furniture easy deformation, aliasing.

6, inspect the furniture material: the surface of the furniture is generally required to use hardwood materials, such as Manchurian ash, oak and so on, these timber is relatively strong, can load, while the internal materials can be considered with other materials. If the timber has poles, drop foam phenomenon, the wood drying is not thorough, such furniture can not buy, because Poles will become more and more large. After checking the surface, you should also open the door of home door and drawer, see if the material has decayed situation.

7, the structure is firmly: for the writing desk, table and other furniture can shake hands, see stability. For the sofa, sitting, left and right sway flash, inactive, not weak, no sound, the mortise structure is more reliable.

8, the four feet is flat: furniture four feet are flat, the furniture on the flat on the ground shook a flash will know. Some furniture only three legs landing, stable performance certainly not good. Also have to look at the desktop is straight, can't arch or collapse waist, if the desktop raised, the glass will spin up; if the desktop is concave, the glass is crushed. In addition, should pay attention to check the closet door, the drawer can not be too large, to pay attention to Heng Ping, the door cannot droop.

9, the paint is smooth: the paint part of the furniture to smooth, flat, not flowing saliva, not wrinkle, no pimple. The corners can not be straight angles, because the straight edges are prone to collapse slag, paint off.