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Hotel furniture manufacturers for you to analyze the sofa production material considerations
- May 08, 2017 -

1, sofa foam: Hotel Furniture Manufacturers According to the preferences of different guests, sofa sponge hardness of soft, medium and hard grades, sponge must be glued to a layer of foam, so sitting feeling comfortable a lot. Guests in the inspection of the sofa can be seen through the use of the sponge base thickness, can also be required to open the cushion to see the soft and hard sponge density. The most direct is to sit and feel the comfort degree.

Second, sofa surface cloth and leather: surface material selection directly determines the appearance of the sofa. The British Philip Hotel Furniture gives you a little advice: using a higher frequency (such as restaurants, lobby, etc.) sofas and dining chairs, preferably choose some durable cloth or leather, so that you can prolong the appearance of the sofa and dining chairs the beautiful cycle.

3, sofa frame: Using wood and Composite Board (plywood), the sofa frame is basically used composite board, the advantages of composite board: Easy processing, not easy to make insect corrosion, high strength characteristics. Wood generally needs to be dried before the treatment can be used.
1. Sofa Back rack: Need to play rubber belt. Because the endurance path of the back frame is not as big as sitting.
2. Sofa Base: The bottom adopts the S spring plus the small pulling spring. Such endurance is better.
3. Specifications: General main structure 35mm thick, the main structure part of the whole wood production, through double-sided polishing.