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Cloth sofa Maintenance avoids three misunderstandings
- May 08, 2017 -

Color changeable, warm and comfortable cloth sofa by many people's favorite, but many do not know that cloth sofa is also need to maintain good. Today for everyone summed up the day-to-day maintenance of cloth sofa easy to make 3 mistakes.

Fabric Sofa Maintenance Myth 1: Drying the longer the better
Summer sunshine is good, many people think the sofa pillow, cushion take a sunburn can remove the bacteria on the sofa. But drying also to have degrees, in the sun moderately drying can kill bacteria, but if long time in the sun drying will make sand release hard, brittle and reduce the life of cloth sofa.

Fabric Sofa Maintenance Error 2: Exposure to high temperature antivirus
The sun shines in the summer, placing the cloth sofa under the sun exposure. Indeed, the exposure can undoubtedly sterilization, but exposure to cloth sofa damage is very large. Changes in temperature will affect the color of cloth, will lead to fading, discoloration of the phenomenon, and will make cloth to harden the impact of cloth sofa comfort degree.

Fabric Sofa Maintenance Misunderstanding 3: Frequent flapping can dust
Many people on the sofa dust will have misunderstandings, think frequent flapping can effectively remove dust, let the cushion keep clean. In fact, the cushion does not need frequent pat, regular cleaning can be done. Often slapping the cushion will make the cotton loose inside the cushion, resulting in the cushion deformation.
Fabric Sofa Maintenance Misunderstanding do you also commit? From now on the maintenance of your home cloth sofa, so that it becomes a comfortable and warm home environment important corner Bar!