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Cloth sofa and solid wood sofa which is good
- May 08, 2017 -

The hotel sofa can bring vitality and vitality to the dull and old-fashioned hotel. When we purchased a hotel sofa, we were not just looking at the style of the hotel sofa, also should pay attention to the sofa strength and the structure of the steel; note whether the material of the hotel sofa has been dried by a normal, mildew distortion; observe whether the fabric color is bright as new, has no edge and scratches, exposed parts have no burr, acute angle, empty edges and tooth mouth and other matters.

We are in the bedroom with a set of sofas, is also a matter of heart. Today the market on the hotel Sofa Branch style various, each sofa advantages to bring us the joy is not the same, for example, said: Solid wood hotel sofa and cloth hotel sofa? These two kinds of sofas have each characteristic, each has each good. So the solid wood sofa and cloth sofa that good?

Solid wood sofa and cloth sofa that good-placing
In the display of wooden hotel sofa, the general choice of the curtain placed under the bottom, can avoid the solid wood sofa by the sunshine. Because the solid wood often direct sunlight, easy to discoloration, cracking phenomenon; the best cleaning the sofa is once a week, or a long time not cleaning, easy breeding bacteria, cleaning the best choice with antifouling Agent cleaning agent.

Solid wood sofa and cloth sofa that good-style
Cloth Hotel Sofa is now the market is very popular with a fashion choice. Especially in some urban households, fabric hotel sofa has become one of their preferred. Because the fashion cloth sofa, placed in the room environment, for the bedroom environment add a beautiful point. Solid wood sofa is a kind of traditional Chinese furniture, discarded the complicated carving and the grain, will be simplified as far as possible, conforms to the modern esthetic viewpoint and the spirit pursue. As for the wooden sofa and cloth sofa that good, the two kinds of hotel sofa style, for different preferences of consumers, the choice is definitely not the same.

Solid wood sofa and cloth sofa that good-fashion
A sofa containing solid wood components can be called a wooden hotel sofa. Solid wood has many kinds of materials, for wood hardness and wood grain, wood hardness higher, the more beautiful wood grain, the more precious material, the higher the price. Generally speaking cloth hotel sofa is designed to be more suitable for young people, design more in line with the modern society, design more advanced, sofa color rich, diverse styles, selection room is big. As for the solid wood sofa and cloth sofa that good, for the pursuit of fashion trend of consumers, is definitely a cloth sofa good.

Solid wood sofa and cloth sofa that good-home
Cloth Hotel Sofa is particularly comfortable, let you sit up very comfortable, and economical, practical, stylish and beautiful, very suitable for home; wooden hotel sofa has a significant, serious, suitable for public occasions, solid wood hotel sofa Home best and furniture matching use. Home or stylish and practical cloth sofa good, solid wood sofa suitable for dignified, serious public places.

Solid wood sofa and cloth sofa that good-clean
Solid wood hotel Sofa easy to take care and day-to-day cleaning, but the disadvantage is cool and old-fashioned. Fabric hotel Sofa Style novel, comfortable, but not suitable. Solid wood hotel sofa and cloth sofa that good? For young people, fashionable cloth sofa is good, but for housewives and favorite ancient heritage school, or traditional solid wood sofa good. From the characteristics of the nature of sofa, small series think each has the advantages, each has a good!