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5 Ways To Make Your Hotel & Home Bathroom Look Bigger
- Apr 09, 2018 -

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Shiyi hotel furniture project in Dubai Marriott Hotel

1.Use light wall colours

Perhaps the single most important tip to create the illusion of a larger bathroom is to choose the right paint colour. Pale colours, especially pastels and off-whites are appropriate choices, since they reflect light and increase the room's brightness. If you are using wallpaper, make sure they are not heavily patterned with dark colours. The best ones will have a white base with a soft-wall pattern.

2. Brighten up the room with lights

Additional lighting can definitely add some openness to the bathroom without taking up any space. If your bathroom layout and budget permits, try incorporating natural lighting through skylights or bigger windows. Alternatively, consider additional light fixtures in low-light areas, as well as opting for higher wattage bulbs. By doing so, tricks our eyes to think the walls are farther apart, hence making the bathroom appear larger.

3. Add mirrors

One of the best ways to give small bathrooms the appearance of a larger room is to install mirrors on the walls. A strategically placed mirror, for example, placing a mirror opposite an outside window, will help capture the incoming light and reflect it back in the room. Full-length horizontal mirrors will produce an effect of a wider space, while vertical mirrors give a sense of a raised height.

4. Replace floor cabinets with wall cabinets

A simple and cost-effective space saving idea for small bathrooms is to replace bulky storage units with ones that will free up more room. Swapping floor cabinets with storage units that are suspended on the wall will dramatically help create more floor space. Installing floating shelves in the shower and around the toilet is a great place to store shampoo, toiletries and other bits and pieces. You can also use the back of the bathroom door to hang a towel rack.

5. De-clutter

Clutter will make your bathroom feel cramped and smaller than it actually is. Try to eliminate as much clutter as possible. Instead of storing your beauty items on the vanity, store them in the cabinet. Make an effort to make only necessary items or simple decorations visible. Remember, less is more!


Shiyi hotel furniture share you another tips about your bathroom:

For those you have a bit more money tucked away, a full bathroom remodel project can definitely transform the room to produce more generous space. One idea is to opt for wall-hung, behind the wall toilet suites, where the plumbing and cistern are smartly hidden in the wall cavity or roof space. 

For wash basins, wall basins are most ideal for small bathrooms as they create an illusion of space. Another space saving idea is replacing a traditional bathroom door with a sliding door that hides within the wall.

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